High-quality conversions for more than 500 file formats

with free online converter for every Mac user

ConvertOnMac is the best choice. At least, if you are searching for the safest, fastest, and highly efficient online file converter for Mac users. Just follow a simple three-step process, and all your files are converted in no time.

Upload files

Upload files from your Mac device using the "Add files" button.

Choose the output format

Choose the new format of your file and start the conversion process.

Download your files

Download your freshly converted files to your Mac device.

Why Mac users choose ConvertOnMac?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use ConvertOnMac as your online converter, but this time, we about to give you six main ones.

Safe conversions

If you are in search of the safest possible file conversions, look no more. You found an online tool that guarantees complete safety. All uploaded files are deleted within an hour after the conversion. And thanks to the well-written algorithm, they can not be used in any other way by a third-party.

Fast conversions

ConvertOnMac is the fastest online tool you can find. You are literally just a few seconds away from any converted file. The only question is which file format category to choose amongst more than 500 different formats. That will take some time, but conversion itself not. Just follow a simple three-step process, and in less than 10 seconds, you did the convert on Mac part.

High-quality conversions

Conversion quality is a big thing when it comes to changing one file format to the other. That’s why we created the best possible one. With ConvertOnMac, there won’t be any unnecessarily lost data or pieces of information regardless of a file format category. Just upload, convert, and download files, and be amazed by the final result.

Free conversions

The best part of the ConverterOnMac (besides every other feature that is equally awesome) is that this tool is completely free. You don’t have to pay any fees or even leave any personal data to convert your files. Any time you need it, just go online and do the easy three-step conversion process. And that is how you convert on Mac without spending a dime.

Unlimited conversions

You have more than one file to convert on Mac? It’s not a problem. You have just finished one conversion but forgot that one file? It’s not a problem. You have many files you have to convert today and from different file categories? It’s not a problem. Why? Because this tool allows you an unlimited number of daily conversions per user.

Easy to use

Last but not least, ConvertOnMac is super easy to use. You are only three steps away from every conversion. If you want to convert one file format to another from the same category, or if you want to convert it to other file categories, the procedure itself is the same. Upload, convert and download. Yes, it’s that simple.

What Mac users say about ConvertOnMac

There are plenty of reasons why you should use ConvertOnMac as your online converter, but this time, we about to give you six main ones.

Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams

I’ve been searching for the perfect converter for ages. Finally, I found ConvertOnMac, and I must say that I’m more than happy with it. I would recommend this tool to every Mac user out there. And the best part is that it’s free. Plus, I love the fact that the structure of converted files remains untouched.

Mark Yang

Mark Yang

I’ve been working from home for a while now, and converting files from different file categories became my everyday task. Luckily, I found Convert On Mac that works perfectly on my Mac and even on iPod. It is many converters in one, which makes my life a lot easier. It takes a lot less time to get the job done, at least compared to some other online tools I previously used.

John Simpson

John Simpson

The thing I love the most about this tool is the fact that it is easy to use. For me, as a teacher, the easy conversion process is a big thing. And this tool is by far the easiest one I found online. I really like it and recommend it to everyone I know. In our school, amongst my colleagues in love with Mac devices as much as I am, ConvertOnMac is the number one conversion tool.

Melisa Pathinson

Melisa Pathinson

I simply adore this converter! I recommend it to everyone! It is super easy to use, and the quality of the conversion is beyond this world. I love the fact that none of the document elements move, but they actually stay at the same place. Plus, I can use it again and again and again.

Anne Marie Smith

Anne Marie Smith

The best part about Convert On Mac is that I can use it for free. Honestly, I lost so much time searching for a converter that doesn’t require my e-mail address to download my files or worse - a monthly fee for several documents. Plus, every conversion is super fast. In a way, Convert On Mac saves both time and money. I even recommend it to all my friends and family. And I must say that everybody is amazed by it.

Kortney Hudson

Kortney Hudson

I found this tool extremely useful. I convert numerous HEIC images from my iPhone daily, and most of them are of my kids. That’s why I really like the fact that all my files are safe. I recommend Convert On Mac to everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to download any additional software to use ConvertOnMac?

The thing that makes this free online tool user-friendly is the fact that you don’t need to download any additional software or add any plugins. Just open ConvertOnMac in your internet browser and follow an easy three-step process.

2. How many files I can convert with ConvertOnMac daily?

The only answer to this question is: as many as you need. There are no limitations when it comes to the number of daily conversions per user. So, go ahead, convert all the files you have in mind.

3. How many files I can convert with ConvertOnMac at once?

You can convert as many as files you want as long as they are not larger than 100 MB and more 5 files per conversion. But don’t worry, split them into two or more groups and upload, convert and download, and repeat the process once more if your files are bigger than 100 MB. You can do that because ConvertOnMac allows you an unlimited number of conversions.

4. Does this ConvertOnMac works on every Mac device?

ConvertOnMac is an online converter made for every Mac user. So, if your device has the option of connecting to the internet and the ability to open different file formats, then yes, this converter works.

5. Are my files safe after I upload them online to ConvertOnMac?

Yes, your files are perfectly safe even if you upload them to ConvertOnMac upload box. We created an algorithm that converts your files and deletes them within a minute after the conversion.