Your favorite online picture converter for Mac is finally here

ConvertOnMac is the perfect online tool with the highest conversion quality for every picture file format. If you want a fast, safe, and easy-to-use image converter for Mac, you are at the right place. ConvertOnMac is the one you are searching for all this time. Plus, it has the highest possible conversion quality. Try it out and tell us what you think.

Convert image file on Mac with these 3 steps

ConvertOnMac is by far the easiest way to convert picture files on Mac. If you are questioning this statement, check out this three-step process that converts images on Mac every time. Plus, it will probably be the fastest way too, and with the highest possible conversion quality.

Upload files

Upload your file to ConvertOnMac. Use the add files button or use a good old drag and drop method. Whatever works for you.

Choose the output format

In the second step, choose the file format you want to convert your files to, and start the conversion process. You will do this by clicking on the 'Start conversion' button.

Download your files

When the conversion is over, download your new picture file to Mac. Press the download button, and you are done.

Why did our users choose this picture converter for Mac?

The main question is why to use this picture converter for Mac, and luckily we have several answers to it. All the major features of ConvertOnMac are right in front of you. So, if you had any doubts about ConvertOnMac earlier, after reading this part of the story, there won't be any.

Unlimited number of free conversions per user

ConvertOnMac is the perfect choice for those who search for an image converter for Mac that allows an unlimited number of file conversions. There is no limit when it comes to the number of file conversions daily. And the most important thing is that same goes for the number of converted files per user. Plus, they are all free.

Multiple file conversions simultaneosly

Batch conversions are one of the features every picture converter for Mac should have. At least when it comes to good ones. Luckily, ConvertOnMac has this feature as one of the most important ones for its users. You can upload and convert up to five files at once. And the best part is that this feature is also completely free.

Premium features for every user

The thing ConvertOnMac is the proudest the most of is the fact that every user has premium features. Besides batch conversions that allow multiple file conversions simultaneously, ConvertOnMac also supports large files. They can go up to 100 MB per file, and still, you can use this image/picture converter for Mac without any problems. Plus, there is a wide variety of available file formats and a modern, user-friendly interface.

Safest possible conversions

The safety of your files is a big concern, and ConvertOnMac gets it. That's why this image converter for Mac deletes all uploaded files right after the conversion. However, you have the option for downloading converted files for the following 24 hours. With ConvertOnMac, there are no unnecessary registrations, and your files are available on the website's link.

Saves time and energy

ConvertOnMac is an image converter for Mac that is super easy to use. You are just three steps away from every converted picture. Plus, every conversion done with this picture converter takes around 10 seconds. So, in a way, ConvertOnMac saves both your time and energy.

Conversions available for multitude of fomats

ConvertOnMac is the ultimate converter for Mac, but it can also be used on other operating systems. The main reason for this feature is the fact that ConvertOnMac is an online tool. Besides, there is more to this tool than just an image page converter for Mac. With ConvertOnMac, you can convert files from different file categories as well.

Image converters for Mac you can use online

Do you need a tool that doesn't have any compatibility issues? Or the one that doesn't have any format-related issues? Or are you searching for a converter that won't harm your images after conversion? Well, look no more. This picture converter for Mac has all the previously mentioned features. And in case you are wondering, here are some of the most used image converters:

Check out what others think about ConvertOnMac

If all the main features of this picture converter for Mac aren't good enough for you, listen to what users have to say about ConvertOnMac. After all, it all about the users.

Riley Morgan

Riley Morgan

The thing I like the most about this image converter for Mac is the range of image file formats I manage to convert. There are no limitations to the number of converted files, which means a lot to me. ConvertOnMac is definitely my number one online tool when it comes to filing conversion.

Connie Torres

Connie Torres

If you need an image converter for Mac that works perfectly, ConvertOnMac is the one to pick. I love the fact that I can convert HEIC to JPG in 10 seconds, which makes all of my iPhone pictures easier to transfer. I am a huge Apple fan, and this converter makes my life a lot easier since all of my friends use Windows and Android devices.

Gerrard Baker

Gerrard Baker

I am really passionate about photos I take with my iPhone, and high-conversion quality is high on my list of priorities. After all, those photos are a big part of my job as an influencer, and it means a world to me when I have an efficient tool for all these little tasks I have to do. And converting files is one of them. Luckily, a friend recommended ConvertOnMac to me, and ever since, this picture converter for Mac became a new bookmark on my Mac. I love it and recommend it to anyone that is in search of an efficient online converter.

Miley Hughes

Miley Hughes

I spent a lot of time searching for the easiest to use tool that will do the job. And I finally found one that I'm the most comfortable using. ConvertOnMac is easy to use, and that is the most important thing for me. I am glad that I can convert all my grandchildren's photos easily without asking anyone for help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many files can I convert at once with this picture converter for Mac?

ConvertOnMac allows you uplading and converting up to 5 files at once. And if you have more files than that it's not a problem. Why? Because this image converter for Mac allows you unimited number of daily conversions per user.

2. For how long are my files available online?

It depends. If you are referring to your uploaded files, they are deleted right after the conversion. However, if you are asking about the converted files, the situation is slightly different. With ConvertOnMac's picture converter for Mac, your converted files are available up to 24 hours after the conversion.

3. How many image files can I convert for free?

You can convert as many image files as you want completely free. ConverterOnMac allows you an unlimited number of free image conversions per user, as long as you convert up to five files at once or 100 MB per one conversion. And that is basically the only limitation this picture converter for Mac has.

4. Can I use any browser to convert image files with this online image converter for Mac?

ConvertOnMac is an online tool available on every internet browser. So, the answer to the previously mentioned question is: yes, you can open ConvertOnMac regardless of the preferred internet browser.

5. Can I convert image files to some other file categories?

With ConvertOnMac you can convert more than 500 different file formats to same of different file categories. Naturally if the file format categories are compatible, you can convert image files to some other category like archive. The conversion process is the same as one you are taking when it comes image to image conversions.