Best free online video converter for Mac users

Make any video file readable on any operating system using a free online ConvertOnMac video converter. Check out its premium options for Mac users and use them completely free of charge.

ConvertOnMac offers premium services for video format conversions. Besides supporting a multitude of video formats and more, you can convert multiple video files at once. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable free online tool for video format conversions, ConvertOnMac is the best for Mac users.

How to use the best video converter on Mac?

The conversion process on ConvertOnMac is pretty straightforward, and it takes just a few clicks. Our intuitive interface will lead you through video conversion step by step:

Upload files

Add your video files for conversion by pressing the button Add Files and browsing your Mac. Also, you can drag and drop video files in a designated area.

Choose the output format

Press the Start Conversion button to begin converting video files to the desired format.

Download your files

After a few moments, you'll get the download link for converted files on the same page.

Key features

If you want to know why all our users always return to ConvertOnMac services, check some of our fundamental features. Don't take our word for it; check your premium options for free and start converting your video files this instant.

Free unlimited video conversions

ConvertOnMac is the best free online converter because it has no limitations regarding the number of available daily video conversions for Mac users. After you finish converting your video files, you can continue to another video or any supported format conversion.

Fastest video conversion

We are proud to have an advanced video conversion algorithm that can convert any video format in a record time of just a few seconds. And you should know that ConvertOnMac is just as efficient for small and large video files.

Top security

ConvertOnMac has strict rules about our user's privacy. That is why we placed the highest security measures in all aspects of our service. One of them is deleting user files right away after the conversion process is over and keeping the download link directly on the website alive for only 24 h.

Batch video conversions

For any online tool, it is essential to have a fast conversion process, but what can shorten your conversion time even more are batch conversions. To make our tool more efficient, we enabled converting up to five video files simultaneously.

Wide variety of video formats

ConvertOnMac video converter is the only video file converter you'll need to convert any video you have. Although this tool has a wide variety of supported video formats, what makes it universal is supporting a multitude of audio, document, archive, and more file formats.

Premium options

Even though ConvertOnMac is a 100% free online tool, that doesn't mean a lack of premium options for Mac users. Converting video files online can be a nuisance, but not with our tool. We support large video files up to 100 MB.

Convert video files on Mac with these online converters

There are a lot of video formats that are not supported on every video editing software. To avoid video compatibility issues on your Mac and other devices, you can convert any video file with ConvertOnMac in record time and for free. Our video converters include all known video formats. Check this fact for yourself by using any of the available video converters listed below.


Video converter with this many formats and free options is what makes our tool the best there is. If you want to know what our users think before using ConvertOnMac, here are some of the user experiences with our services:

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson

What is important for me is that I can convert different video formats on my Mac fast and free. All I wanted and more, I got with this tool – ConvertOnMac. 5-star recommendation from me!

Hannah Armstrong

Hannah Armstrong

Finally, I found a free online tool that can convert videos in an acceptable period. I usually don't use online tools for this reason specifically. However, ConvertOnMac has proven to be efficient and fast. I can sincerely recommend it for a video format change.

Julia Rivera

Julia Rivera

I searched for a free online tool that can extract audio from my video files because I wanted to listen to a podcast and don't necessarily need to watch them. ConvertOnMac enabled me to convert all my MOV files to AAC format and in bulk.

Natalia Malone

Natalia Malone

Transferring files from my PC to Mac made me a few video format incompatibility issues. Luckily I heard of this tool that works on both Mac and Windows and converted my files to supported formats on both devices. I can't believe that this is an entirely free tool for Mac users!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have some difficulties with the ConvertOnMac service, check here for quick answers. For any other questions, refer to our Contact Us page.

1. How many video conversions can I do for free with ConvertOnMac?

Video converter for Mac users is entirely free for unlimited daily conversions. Also, ConvertOnMac has no queue or required waiting period between conversions. As you finish downloading converted video files, you can start a new video conversion right away.

2. Can I convert large video files with ConvertOnMac?

Since video files tend to be larger, ConvertOnMac considered that and put a size limit up to 100 MB per video file. Also, you can convert multiple video files at a time with this free online tool.

3. How do I download converted video files?

ConvertOnMac doesn't require registration or sending converted files via e-mail. After you start the conversion process, all you need to do is to wait a few moments and do not close ConvertOnMac windows. The download link for converted video files will be available directly on the page for 24 h. If you close the conversion window, there is no way of downloading your converted files. But you can start the conversion process again from the beginning.

4. Can I convert video to audio files using ConvertOnMac?

ConvertOnMac supports a wide variety of video, audio, document, and many more file formats. Also, all logical conversions between different categories are available for Mac users. Because of this, you can convert video to video, video to audio formats, etc.

5. How long does video conversion last with ConvertOnMac?

ConvertOnMac has a superior conversion algorithm that converts video file formats in record time. What can slow down your conversion process is the speed of uploading your video files to our website. When uploading your files to ConvertOnMac, be sure to check your Internet connection.