Convert XLSX to XLSX on MacOS in 3 steps

ConvertOnMac's XLSX to XLSX converter is a tool that offers only premium service for every user.

The best XLSX to XLSX converter you can find online is ConvertOnMac's. It is a free tool that allows several premium service features in every conversion. You don't have to put any effort in the XLSX to XLSX converter will do all the job for you. Plus, it will do it in the safest possible way.

3-step process that converts XLSX to XLSX on Mac

The goal for XLSX to XLSX converter was easy accessibility and great user experience for every user. With a three-step XLSX to XLSX conversion process ConvertOnMac did that. Follow the steps, and you're done with file conversion in a few seconds.

Upload XLSX file

Upload XLSX spreadsheet file format online. Use the 'drag and drop' method or an add files button.

Converting XLSX

Press the conversion button to start XLSX to XLSX conversion process and wait for a few moments.

Download converted Spreadsheet file

Download XLSX spreadsheet file format to your device. Use the download buttons to do so.

XLSX to XLSX converter's advantages

Features every XLSX to XLSX converter has are the ones that make a difference in the world of so many online tools. We strongly believe that our XLSX to XLSX converter is one of the best you can find. That's why we want to present its strongest features.

The highest security

We placed multiple safety measures to protect user files from different safety problems. All security protocols we made are a guarantee that unauthorized access won't happen. Moreover, all uploaded files are deleted from our servers after the XLSX to XLSX conversion process.

The highest conversion quality

ConvertOnMac online converter has the most extensive base of supported formats. And not just that, it has the highest conversion quality regardless of a file format category. The same goes for XLSX to XLSX conversion process. You won't lose any data after converting your spreadsheet files.

The biggest compatibility

XLSX to XLSX converter has the biggest compatibility with devices and operating systems. It is an online spreadsheet converter that is available for use in every internet browser. All you have to have to use this XLSX to XLSX converter is a stable internet connection.

The fastest conversions

XLSX to XLSX converter has an advanced algorithm for conversions of the highest quality responsible for the fastest conversion process. In less than 10 seconds and a few clicks, you will convert XLSX to XLSX spreadsheet file format.

The absence of additional downloads

XLSX to XLSX spreadsheet converter works perfectly just the way it is - as an online tool available on every existing internet browser. There aren't any additional software downloads or plug-ins with XLSX to XLSX converter.

The highest number of converted files in one take

With batch conversions XLSX to XLSX, spreadsheet converter is by far more efficient than others. In just one session, you can convert up to five XLSX files and 100 MB. Besides, XLSX to XLSX converter allows an unlimited number of daily conversions so you can repeat the process numerous times.

Why users love our spreadsheet converter for Mac?

Ensuring that our users are happy with our services leads us through the development of the ConvertOnMac spreadsheet converter. If you want to know what our motivation is, here is some feedback from our users.

Adrian Hebert

Adrian Hebert

My boss sent me new calculations in spreadsheet files, and I couldn't open them on my Mac without installing the new app. So happy I found this spreadsheet converter online that converted the spreadsheet to PDF in seconds. I could make my report in time, and I would highly recommend using this tool.

Demi Hickman

Demi Hickman

I don't use spreadsheets often. But I had to do some calculations that I needed to send to my colleague. When he told me that he couldn't open my document on Windows, I started to panic. But I remembered using ConvertOnMac free online converter for documents format conversion before and used it to convert NUMBERS to XLSX format. It is such a universal tool, glad I bookmarked it.

Elle Finley

Elle Finley

Making spreadsheet lists is my specialty. Since I have to send my data to so many people, I choose to convert them first to format compatible with their OS. ConvertOnMac is a handy online tool I use on a daily basis and what I like about it is that it is completely free for Mac or Windows users.

Caleb Burns

Caleb Burns

I wanted to add last-minute data to my spreadsheet for the school project from my phone. But I couldn't open the spreadsheet format teacher sent me. With this free online converter, I converted spreadsheet files that I could edit with my phone and then again to the original format. I didn't even take long to do all these conversions from my phone.