Universal free Spreadsheet converter for Mac

If you need to open any spreadsheet file on any operating system, ConvertOnMac is the best free tool for you.

The best spreadsheet converter for Mac users is ConvertOnMac. To prove this point, we will show you how much time and effort it took to develop premium features that our users can access for free. Besides the wide variety of supported spreadsheet formats, we have many more features for you, including batch conversions, support for large files, and much more.

3 steps to convert presentation file on Mac

Creating the most efficient way of converting spreadsheets requires special attention to detail. That way, it is ensured an effortless conversion process of spreadsheets for Mac users.

Upload files

Upload your spreadsheets by drag and drop method or by pressing the Add Files button.

Choose the output format

Choose the desired format for converting spreadsheets and begin by pressing the Start Conversion button.

Download your files

Wait for a few moments and use left click on the download link to save converted files.

Most important features of spreadsheet converter for Mac

There are many advantages to ConvertOnMac's free online spreadsheet converter for Mac users. The most important one is considering user feedback to improve this converters quality. To check if this is the best tool for you, here you can review all its key features.

Universal availability

ConvertOnMac spreadsheet converter is optimized to function inside your web browser. There is no need to install a new app for spreadsheet conversions. That way, you can access it on any device regardless of operating system Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, etc.

Free conversions

spreadsheet converter offers more than just any converter. Its premium features are not restricted. Moreover, you can try all its services completely free of charge.

Multitude of formats

By the number of supported spreadsheet formats, this is the best free online converter for you. Regardless of the spreadsheet app used to create your files, you can expect high-quality conversions to other formats, which are not limited to only spreadsheet formats.

Batch conversions

Making spreadsheet converter even more efficient, we added batch conversions option. Now you can convert up to five files in one session. The only thing you should pay attention to is to convert the same format spreadsheet in one try if you have multiple files.

Fast and simple

An intuitive interface with modern design will lead you through a simple three-step process of converting spreadsheet files. An advanced algorithm for high-quality conversions is responsible for the fastest conversion process.

Top security

The most crucial aspect of any online tool is its security. That is why we placed multiple safety measures to protect user files from unauthorized access with all security protocols in place. Moreover, user files are promptly deleted from our servers after the conversion process.

Supported spreadsheet file format converters

ConvertOnMac spreadsheet converter has the most extensive base of supported formats. If you need to view spreadsheets on Mac, Windows, Linux, etc., this converter will enable you to convert to compatible spreadsheet format in just a few seconds. All you need to do is choose the spreadsheet converter that you need in the list below.

Why users love our spreadsheet converter for Mac?

Ensuring that our users are happy with our services leads us through the development of the ConvertOnMac spreadsheet converter. If you want to know what our motivation is, here is some feedback from our users.

Adrian Hebert

Adrian Hebert

My boss sent me new calculations in spreadsheet files, and I couldn't open them on my Mac without installing the new app. So happy I found this spreadsheet converter online that converted the spreadsheet to PDF in seconds. I could make my report in time, and I would highly recommend using this tool.

Demi Hickman

Demi Hickman

I don't use spreadsheets often. But I had to do some calculations that I needed to send to my colleague. When he told me that he couldn't open my document on Windows, I started to panic. But I remembered using ConvertOnMac free online converter for documents format conversion before and used it to convert NUMBERS to XLSX format. It is such a universal tool, glad I bookmarked it.

Elle Finley

Elle Finley

Making spreadsheet lists is my specialty. Since I have to send my data to so many people, I choose to convert them first to format compatible with their OS. ConvertOnMac is a handy online tool I use on a daily basis and what I like about it is that it is completely free for Mac or Windows users.

Caleb Burns

Caleb Burns

I wanted to add last-minute data to my spreadsheet for the school project from my phone. But I couldn't open the spreadsheet format teacher sent me. With this free online converter, I converted spreadsheet files that I could edit with my phone and then again to the original format. I didn't even take long to do all these conversions from my phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are constantly working on improving our services for Mac users. If you have some difficulties converting spreadsheet files, check these answers first or write us on our Contact Us page.

1. Do I have to install the ConvertOnMac spreadsheet converter?

No, the spreadsheet converter is entirely online-based. That means it requires only a web browser and Internet connection to convert any spreadsheet file you have. It also works regardless of the operating system you use.

2. Is converting multiple spreadsheet files free?

Yes, the ConvertOnMac spreadsheet converter is entirely free to use with batch conversion options. Our users can convert up to five files in one try without charge.

3. How long does it take to convert spreadsheet files?

If you follow our instructions for converting spreadsheet files, you'll convert them in few moments. ConvertOnMac conversion algorithm is faster than any other converter out there.

4. Can anyone access my converted files once I download them?

Since you don't need e-mail registration to use our free services, we provided a download link directly on the page you use for conversion. Converted spreadsheet files are available for 24 hours on that link. However, only you have access to the download link connected to your IP address, and no one can access it without a link address.

5. Why did my spreadsheet conversion fail?

It could be a few reasons why you have issues converting your files using our services. First, if you can't upload your file, it may be due to file size, your Internet connection or interrupted connection with our servers, etc. If none of these reasons apply, you can try again a bit later or write us on Contact Us page.