The best FLAC to AIFF converter for Mac users

Convert FLAC to AIFF easily using ConvertOnMac. You will be trilled by its speed, quality, and safety. Convert your files and see them for yourself.

Congratulations! You found the best FLAC to AIFF converter. This audio converter is online, free, and has the highest-quality conversions. Upload, convert and download your audio files. But your job is not finished yet. You have to find a cozy place to listen to your favorite music and audiobooks.

How to convert FLAC to AIFF online?

The FLAC to AIFF conversions is an easy process, at least to our users. They just have to open FLAC to AIFF converter in their favorite internet browser, follow a simple three-step procedure, and in less than 10 seconds, the work is done.

Upload FLAC file

Upload up to five FLAC files. Use the add button or a 'drag and drop'.

Converting FLAC

Press the conversion button to convert FLAC to AIFF.

Download converted Audio file

Download AIFF files to your computer. Press the download button and enjoy.

Benefits of using FLAC to AIFF converter

When it comes to FLAC to AIFF converter, it is always hard to find the one with more pros than cons. Luckily, with ConvertOnMac's FLAC to AIFF converter, there is nothing but pros. In case you are wondering which ones are our favorites, here is the list.

FLAC to AIFF converter is free

FLAC to AIFF converter should be available to everybody. That's why we decided to create a completely free tool. There isn't any trial period, and you don't have to pay any fees not now, not in a month, not ever. Just upload your files, covert FLAC to AIFF, and download AIFF files.

FLAC to AIFF converter is user-friendly

FLAC to AIFF converter's feature users like the most is its user-friendly interface. Let's face it how many FLAC to AIFF converters that can convert any file in only three steps are there? Not much. Luckily ConvertOnMac's FLAC to AIFF converter is one of them.

FLAC to AIFF converter is universal

FLAC to AIFF converter is an online tool. Meaning it is universal and you can use it on different devices, and operating systems. Yes, it is called ConvertOnMac, but you can convert on Windows too.

FLAC to AIFF converter is efficient

FLAC to AIFF converter is a free tool that will convert your files with the best possible conversion quality in no time. You won't even notice that files being converted. Upload FLAC, watch the magic happen, and download AIFF. Just don't blink too much you might miss it.

FLAC to AIFF converter is batch

FLAC to AIFF converter is a tool that can simultaneously convert up to five files. Just be careful that their size is up to 100 MB. But if you have more than that, it's not a problem. Repeat the process one more time.

FLAC to AIFF converter is safe

All your files are safe and sound with ConvertOnMac's FLAC to AIFF converter. You don't have to stress about uploading your files online because all uploaded files are deleted right after the conversion. Converted files are available for the following 24 hours, but you are the only person that can access them.

User Experience

ConvertOnMac is a free online tool brought to perfection in accordance with our users' feedback. Before trying ConvertOnMac free online conversion, you can check what they had to say about our service.

Tom Hyde

Tom Hyde

ConvertOnMac is much more than you expect from a free online converter. I am surprised how many music files I managed to convert to AAC for free. This is the one online converter that I had to bookmark.

Sam Walker

Sam Walker

I didn't expect much from another free online converter, but ConvertOnMac is simply a lifesaver. My audio files were in WMA format, and I needed them to be in AAC on my new Mac. Luckily, I found this efficient online tool that doesn't cost a dime for Mac users.

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

I waited until the last minute to organize my Mac's music before I transfer it to all my other devices. Going through my files, I realized there are a bunch of different formats there that take a lot of space. Since I don't need the highest quality audio, I wanted to convert them to AAC. ConvertOnMac saved me time and memory space for free.

Michelle Kirby

Michelle Kirby

Finding a working free online music converter is very tiresome. I am so happy I got recommended ConvertOnMac converter from a colleague. This tool is actually free and efficient. I had no trouble converting a bunch of audio files to various formats. To return the favor, I give you five-star recommendations from me!