Best free online e-book converter for Mac

ConvertOnMac e-book converter is the only tool you'll need for reading any e-book format on any platform. Not only is ConvertOnMac entirely free for Mac users, but also it offers many premium options. That includes batch conversions, expedite conversion process, support for large files, and much more. As inspiration for its service ConvertOnMac highly relies on user feedback, making it the best tool for e-book format conversions online.

Easy how-to convert e-book files on Mac tutorial

ConvertOnMac e-book converter has a modern and efficient user interface that makes converting e-books the easiest they can be. The well-organized three-step process will lead you through the conversion process and eliminate any room for error.

Upload files

Upload up to five e-books by pressing the Add Files button or drag and drop e-book files in a designated area.

Choose the output format

The next step is to choose your e-book files' wanted format and press the Start Conversion button.

Download your files

Download link with converted e-book files will appear in the same window of ConvertOnMac e-book converter.

Features of the best free online e-book converter for Mac

The only way you can be sure ConvertOnMac e-book converter is the best free online tool is to begin using its services. But to make sure this is the right tool for you, check out these fundamental features ConvertOnMac has for Mac users.

Free e-book conversions

ConvertOnMac e-book converter allows you to convert e-book files for free without any limitations for Mac users. You don't need to wait between conversions or register with personal information to convert as many e-books as you want.

Support for all operating systems

As a free online-based tool, ConvertOnMac has a significant advantage over apps. And it is its universal accessibility on any platform or operating system. And this e-book converter with many free added features is not for Mac users exclusively. You can use it on Windows, Linux, etc.

The largest base of e-book formats

Depending on your source of e-books, there are many different formats you can come across. We can safely say here you'll find any of those e-book formats. Moreover, you can convert any of your e-books to ensure compatibility on any device for free using ConvertOnMac.

Efficient e-book conversions

Not only is the ConvertOnMac easy to use, but also it has many premium options. Besides an advanced conversion algorithm that speeds up all your e-book conversions, this e-book converter has the same efficiency for large and small files.

Multiple files conversions

Adding up the efficiency of ConvertOnMac, this e-book converter can also convert up to five e-books at a time if they are in the same format. Also, all features of ConvertOnMac, including batch conversions, are free for Mac users and anyone else.

Guaranteed safety

ConvertOnMac has made its priority to guarantee user safety while handling their data. That is why uploaded files of our users are deleted within seconds after the conversion process is over. A download link with converted e-book files is generated after the conversion in the same window and available for 24 hours.

Available online e-book converters for Mac

Whether you downloaded your e-book from Amazon or some other online source, you'll have no issue opening it on any device if you convert it first to a compatible format. The best way is to do this with a free online converter with loads of options for Mac users. You'll quickly find the one you need on the ConvertOnMac e-book converter list of supported formats below.

User experience

The ultimate goal of the ConvertOnMac e-book converter is to offer the best user experience for free. Before you become one of our users, here are some reviews to check what our Mac users think so far about ConvertOnMac e-book converter services.

Bailey Williams

Bailey Williams

I wanted to read my new e-book but had an unrecognized format issue on Mac. Luckily, I found this free e-book converter and converted it to PDF format for free. I'm so amazed by the result that I simply had to bookmark it on all my browsers.

Tina Nielsen

Tina Nielsen

Finally, I found an excellent e-book converter free of charge and accessible on Mac and Windows. I didn't even need to register or install anything to get all my e-books converted to MOBI format for my Kindle.

Albert Decker

Albert Decker

I have a vast collection of e-books I needed to convert to EPUB format because I wanted to transfer them to my Mac. ConvertOnMac helped me a lot because it is easy to use, and it actually works. Also, I should mention it didn't cost me a dime.

Jesse Garrison

Jesse Garrison

ConvertOnMac e-book converter is such a versatile tool. I converted the PAGES file to an e-book and then changed my mind and decided I need a PDF version. I didn't think it is possible to do all these format changes with just one tool and for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ConvertOnMac is a free online tool that guarantees premium service for Mac users and much more. If you have questions and doubts regarding the e-book converter, here are some quick answers.

1. Do I have to install ConvertOnMac for e-book format conversion?

ConvertOnMac is an entirely online-based tool optimized to operate within your web browser and doesn't need installation of any kind. Visit ConvertOnMac e-book converter, and you can begin converting e-book formats right away.

2. Who has access to my e-books after I upload them for conversion?

ConvertOnMac top priority is ensuring all security protocols are operational while handling user files. Additionally, user files are permanently deleted moments after finishing the conversion process to ensure that no one can access your files.

3. How many e-books can I convert for free?

For Mac users, ConvertOnMac is free to use for an unlimited number of daily e-book conversions. Furthermore, you can convert up to five e-books simultaneously. That makes the conversion process much more efficient and faster.

4. Does the ConvertOnMac e-book converter work on other operating systems than Mac?

Since ConvertOnMac only requires a web browser and Internet connection to operate, it can be used on any device with the operating system. Its universal access makes it a handy tool to have on hand for Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

5. Where is the download link for converted e-books?

Download link for converted e-book files you can find in the same window after the conversion process is over. If you accidentally close this window, you'll have to convert your files again, but do not worry, it's still free.