Ultimate DOCM to WPS converter for Macs

Converting DOCM to WPS is much easier with a highly efficient document converter such as ConvertOnMac for Mac users.

ConvertOnMac DOCM to WPS converter is the only free online tool you’ll ever need. Convert five DOCM document files at the time for free without any registration or installation of any kind. The most important part is you can access this tool from any device with a web browser and Internet connection.

Convert DOCM to WPS on Mac fast and easy

Converting DOCM to WPS for Mac users is possible without installing third-party apps. With ConvertOnMac free online document converter, you have so many options for format conversions. The best thing of all is that you’ll need just two clicks to get your DOCM document converted to WPS format.

Upload DOCM file

Upload your DOCM files with the drag and drop method or browse for files.

Converting DOCM

Start DOCM to WPS conversion with one click on the button.

Download converted Document file

Download your WPS from the ConvertOnMac website in seconds.

Convert DOCM to other Document Formats

The best things about DOCM to WPS converter for Mac

If you want to know why is ConvertOnMac so much popular among Mac users, you’ll need to check its key features. After reading all about it, feel free to try converting DOCM to WPS for yourself.

Free conversions

ConvertOnMac has an exclusive offer for Mac users. You can try all premium features of DOCM to WPS converter entirely free of charge. Once you use this document converter, it is guaranteed you won’t need any other document converter.

Universal accessibility

Even though ConvertOnMac is optimized for Mac users, you can access it on any device regardless of the operating system it has Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, etc. The only thing you need is a browser with an Internet connection.

Maximum file size

If you think converting large document files is difficult to do with an online tool, with ConvertOnMac DOCM to WPS converter, this is not an issue. With 100 MB maximum file size, you can convert any DOCM large file you have.

Multiple files conversions

Another premium feature of DOCM to WPS converter is batch conversions. Converting five DOCM document files at once is another feature that makes ConvertOnMac the best online tool for Mac users.


Putting our users’ security in the first place when handling their data was our first task. That is why there is no registration necessary for converting DOCM to WPS file. Also, deleting user files after the conversion process is the default procedure.

High-quality conversions

Paying attention to details when converting DOCM to WPS document is most important. That is why our users get the best quality conversions that are ensured by our advanced conversion algorithm.

Document converter ConvertOnMac - The user view

The most important thing when it comes to this document converter for Mac is user experience. That's why feedback from every conversion means the world to ConvertOnMac developers. Check out what others think about it and try it yourself.

Randy Jefferson

Randy Jefferson

Converting several files at once is the most important thing for me. I convert an enormous number of files daily since I've started working from home. And ConvertOnMac is the online tool I like the most because it makes my job a lot easier. It is fast, safe, and efficient, which is more than enough for me. I recommend it to everyone.

Gayle Matthews

Gayle Matthews

I spent a lot of time searching for the save tool that helps you with the documents I use daily. For me, as an accountant, the safety of files is the number one thing. I was thrilled with the fact ConvertOnMac deletes all uploaded files right after conversion. That was the thing that sealed the deal for me. I even recommended it to all of my colleagues.

Lynn Byrd

Lynn Byrd

I love how fast I can convert my DOC to PDF with ConvertOnMac. It literally takes a few seconds. And I love the fact that it is so easy to use.

Jose Hines

Jose Hines

I must say that the conversion of document files is beyond this world. With this document converter for Mac, I don't have problems with moved and deformed tables or graphs which is hard to find. At least when it comes to free tools. And that is by far my favorite feature ConvertOnMac has.