Ultimate Free Online AU Converter on Mac

Play your audio files on any device with the help of the best free online AU converter on macOS.

How to use Free audio AU Converter on Mac?

ConvertOnMac AU converter is designed with an innovative look that provides a straightforward conversion process. For the fastest conversion process of any audio file on Mac, you only need to follow three simple steps.

Upload AU file

Add your audio AU file for conversion by pressing the Add Files button.

Converting AU

Choose the output format you want and use left-click on the Convert button to convert AU files.

Download converted audio file

After the conversion process is done download link will appear in the same window with converted AU files to chosen audio format.

What Makes AU Converter the Best free Online Tool for Mac Users?

If you need a reliable audio AU converter on Mac, ConvertOnMac is the best free online tool for you. If you are not sure why, here are some of the most significant features of free online AU converter on macOS.

Unlimited Conversions for AU audio Files on macOS

If you are looking for a completely free online audio AU format converter, you're at the right place. You can skip installation and registration and go right at uploading your AU files for conversion. Also, there is no waiting period between audio file conversions.

High-quality Conversions from AU to any audio File

Searching for an easy way to convert audio files on Mac has come to an end. Right in front of you is the best AU converter that supports the conversion of five music files at once. And just in case you were wondering, this feature is also free for all users.

AU Converter on Mac Supports any audio Format

If you have music files with extensions you never heard of, chances are you'll find them on our audio converter on Mac. Also, there are even more file formats you can convert your AU files from other categories on ConvertOnMac.

Your audio Files are Secure with Us

Because the conversion process of audio files is highly optimized, you can be sure that we will handle your files with all security precautions. That is why there is no registration process. Also, all user files are deleted after the conversion process, and the download link with converted audio AU files is available for 24 hours.

AU Converter on Mac Provides Universal Access

An online-based tool audio AU converter on Mac functions entirely within any web browser. Although ConvertOnMac is intended for Mac users, it is accessible on any operating system, including Windows, Linux, Android, etc.

Guaranteed Highest Efficiency

If you need a fast and efficient audio AU converter on macOS, this is the tool for you. What makes AU converter on Mac stand out are its premium features that anyone can use for free. That includes batch conversions, support for large files of up to 100 MB, a wide variety of available formats, a modern user interface, and more.

What our Users Had to Say about the AU Converter?

An essential part of our audio AU converter on Mac is our user's opinion. Please help us make it even better and see what people who tried our services think about the ConvertOnMac converter.

Jamie Shelton

Jamie Shelton

I tried opening the AU file on Mac, but it didn't work. Then I found this free way to convert audio AU on Mac online. I can safely say ConvertOnMac saved my day!

Abby Grant

Abby Grant

Before I even begin organizing my music library, I noticed many different music file extensions. However, I couldn't find an efficient converter that can convert songs to the format I wanted. Luckily this AU Converter on macOS supports every format I had so that I could enjoy my music on macOS now.

Jay Newton

Jay Newton

I wanted to convert audio AU on Mac but didn't want to commit to installing new apps just for converting few music files. A friend sent me this link, and I am amazed at the free options I have for converting audio AU files.

Felix Thomson

Felix Thomson

When I began transferring my audio files from Windows to Mac, I noticed many of my files couldn't play. Fortunately, there is an easy and free way to convert AU files on Mac with this online music converter ConvertOnMac.