Convert Archive files on Mac efficiently in 3 simple steps

Use a free online tool that has high-quality conversions, called ConvertOnMac.

ConvertOnMac's Archive converter for Mac is the perfect tool for making extra storage space and organizing files. It has the highest conversion quality, and it is totally safe.

How to convert Archive file on Mac using ConvertOnMac?

Converting files with ConvertOnMac Archive converter is super easy. You are just three steps away from every file conversion. You don't even have to add any plug-ins or leave an email address.

Upload files

Upload files from your Mac device using the "Add files" button.

Choose the output format

Choose the new format of your file and start the conversion process.

Download your files

Download your freshly converted files to your Mac device.

Key features of ConvertOnMac's Archive converter

Key features of Archive converter for Mac are a thing that makes ConvertOnMac stands out amongst different online tools. In case you are wondering which ones we choose as the most important features worthy of mentioning, here is a word or two about them.

Batch conversions

ConvertOnMac's Archive converter allows its users' simultaneous conversions of multiple files at once. You can convert five files or files up to 100 MB in size in one file conversion. If you have more than five files to convert, repeat the whole process once more.

High-quality conversions

ConverterOnMac's Archive converter for Mac has the highest possible conversion quality thanks to our developer wh created the perfect algorithm for this task. Just upload and convert files and be sure that they will be almost the same as the original.


ConvertOnMac's Archive converter for Mac is an online tool supported by all internet browsers. Meaning you can not only use this free tool on Mac but Windows devices too.

Fast conversions

One of the things ConvertOnMac's Archive converter for Mac is the proudest is a short conversion time. You can convert your files in 10 seconds using this tool. Just upload files, convert them to an Archive, and download them. It takes more time to read this awesome feature than to convert Archive files.


ConvertOnMac's Archive converter for Mac is a safe tool. All uploaded files are deleted right after the conversion. Plus, no one else can use your uploaded or converted files besides you. Another great thing is that your converted Archive files are available 24 hours after the conversion.

No additional downloads

What you see is what you get. There are no additional software downloads or plug-ins to convert Archive files using ConvertOnMac. Just open the official ConvertOnMac's website and follow an easy three-step procedure to convert your Archive files.

Available archive files converters

There are plenty of useful and well-known archive file formats, including ZIP, RAR, and 7Z. However, the previously mentioned ones arent the only one's users have. In case you are wondering how many archive file formats are there, here is a list of all available archive converters ConvertOnMac has.

Our users mean the world to us

Number one thing besides the conversions is the ultimate user experience we give our users. That's why reading reviews is the thing we like the most. It helps us grow, and it helps our users with conversions. It is a win-win situation. So, what do you think about this archive converter for Mac?

Timothy Campbell

Timothy Campbell

I love how this archive converter is easy to use. I just press a button two times, and all my files are uploaded, converted, and downloaded. Which is pretty cool, right? Also, I love the quality of converted files. So, if you are searching for easy to use yet efficient online converter for Mac, ConvertOnMac is the one to pick. I recommend it.

Joey Williamson

Joey Williamson

I wanted to organize my files and make some more space on my Mac for a while now. I was skeptical about online tools that can help me with this task. The main reason is that there are plenty of personal files and images I have to convert. Luckily, I found ConvertOnMac. It is a safe tool that is both online and free. Also, it is super easy to use, and conversions are fast. I recommend it to everyone who's planning to organize files.

Carol Edwards

Carol Edwards

The best tool for Mac I could find to convert archive files is ConvertOnMac. It is a safe, easy to use, and free converter. The fact that it is online also helps because I hate downloading any software or plug-ins. The online versions are the ones I use. Plus, there are no limitations when it comes to the number of converted files.

Nora Wise

Nora Wise

I love tools that don't my email address to do their job. That's why I use ConvertOnMac's archive converter for Mac every time. Plus, I'm safe from all ads too. I hate when they pop up in the middle of conversion what often happens with free online tools. But not with ConvertOnMac. I recommend it to everyone. You won't regret using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Archive converter for Mac is super easy to use. However, there are several frequently asked questions from our users. That's why we decided to mention and answer them to everyone. Is the question you have amongst them or not? If not, write to us, and we will respond as soon as possible.

1. Can I convert other file format categories to archive?

ConvertOnMac is a free online tool that supports more than 500 different file formats. Meaning you can convert any other file format to archive using this archive converter for Mac. Just pick one of the archive file formats in the second step of the conversion process, and that's it.

2. How many files can I convert daily?

With ConvertOnMac's archive converter for Mac, you can convert as many files as you want daily. The unlimited number of conversions daily and per user is one of the favorite features this converter offers its users.

3. Are my files safe after I upload them online?

The safety of your files is a big thing for us. That's why we created a perfect algorithm that not only deletes all uploaded files right after the conversion but doesn't allow anyone but yourself to use files you uploaded and converted.

4. How many files can I convert in one conversion?

You can upload and convert up to five files at once. Or you can upload and convert files up to 100 MB in size in one conversion. But hey, even that's not a problem because ConvertOnMac allows you an unlimited number of file conversions.