High Quality Vector AI Converter on Mac

Easily accessible online Vector AI converter on macOS can convert all your files for free.

The best free online vector converter on macOS also works perfectly on any OS. You can start converting your AI files right away in three easy steps. In seconds you’ll have converted AI files to any vector format or any other supported format.

How to Convert AI on Mac to Desired Format?

To successfully convert Vector AI files on Mac, you’ll only need to follow three easy steps. ConvertOnMac made instructions easy for anyone.

Upload AI file

Upload AI files you want to convert using the Add Files button or drag and drop method.

Converting AI

Choose one of the available formats in the drop-down list and press the Convert button to begin converting AI files.

Download converted vector file

Wait for a few moments and do not close opened ConvertOnMac windows. The download link with converted AI files will appear shortly after in the same window.

Key Features of Vector AI Converter on Mac

If you don’t think an online tool like ConvertOnMac can help you convert any Vector file you have, including AI, here are some key features you should review before using it. You will be pleasantly surprised with all options you have with a free online tool like this.

High-quality AI Conversions

Converting Vector AI files on Mac can be complicated. ConvertOnMac is the opposite of that. With our free online AI converter on macOS, you can convert any vector image file in the highest quality in just three steps.

Unlimited Free AI Conversions per User

Besides making your vector files in the format you need, we have another great feature for all our users. AI converter on Mac doesn’t have limitations on the number of free file conversions. You can convert as many files as you want completely free of charge.

AI Converter on Mac is Universally Accessible

Regardless of the operating system, you use Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, etc., you can use ConvertOnMac AI converter. Our tool is completely online-based, and it functions entirely within your web browser. Also, it doesn’t matter which browser you use, but you need an Internet connection to start converting your Vector files right away.

Conversion of Multiple AI Files at Once for Free

If you thought that you’d need to convert one file at a time with ConvertOnMac, that is not the case. It is allowed up to five AI files to convert on Mac or any other OS. Each vector file converts as a separate file in just one conversion process.

Your AI Files are Safe

Many users are skeptical about converting files online because of the safety of their files. That is why AI converter on Mac takes all security precautions for safe conversions. Your vector files are deleted from our server right after conversion, and converted files stay available for 24 hours for you to download.

Support for Large Files

With Vector AI converter on Mac, you don’t have to worry about maximum size limitations for these files. Even though your file may be pretty large, ConvertOnMac supports up to 100 MB files that can be converted for free.

User Experience of free online AI Converter on macOS

If you are not convinced with our features for every user, you’ll want to know what our users had to say about AI converters services. But above all, try converting your vector files and see it for yourself.

Aiden Hines

Aiden Hines

I don’t use Vector files often. As a matter of fact, I only needed to work with these files few times. I’m so glad I don’t need to install a new app just to convert the AI file to regular image format. I recommend it because ConvertOnMac is free and available on any device.

Kyla Meadows

Kyla Meadows

AI converter on macOS is the most efficient online tool I used for this type of conversion. I tried so many online files so far, but many of them left a watermark on my file after a conversion, making my files unusable. But ConvertOnMac doesn’t leave any watermarks and is completely free.

Elena Mathews

Elena Mathews

I needed to convert vector AI on Mac, but I didn’t want to pay for another app I won’t use. ConvertOnMac is the best solution for me. It is free, easy to use, and it actually works.

Lee Hamilton

Lee Hamilton

As a designer, I deal with Vector files quite often. However, I prefer using one app that doesn’t support all these formats. Since my clients ask for specific formats, I needed an unexpansive tool to convert vector files to the desired one. AI converter on Mac gets the job done and for free!