Free online 3GPP to 3GP converter for Mac that can handle large files

If you want to convert 3GPP to 3GP files with a fast and efficient tool, ConvertOnMac is the one for you.

Converting 3GPP files online can be challenging if you have a small maximum file size. With ConvertOnMac, you don't need to worry about this issue. Besides 3GPP and 3GP files, it supports various video formats in different sizes. However, with a superior conversion algorithm for 3GPP to 3GP, the conversion process is simple and fast, independent of file size.

Use this 3GPP to 3GP converter for Mac

ConvertOnMac has an intuitive user interface that will lead you through 3GPP to 3GP conversion process. The instructions are easy and simple for anyone to use and consist of three steps.

Upload 3GPP file

Upload your 3GPP file for conversion by drag and drop or browsing for your video files.

Converting 3GPP

Begin converting 3GPP to 3GP by pressing the button Start Conversion.

Download converted Video file

After the conversion finishes, a download link will appear on the same page.

Primary features of 3GPP to 3GP converter for MacOS

What makes ConvertOnMac the best 3GPP to 3GP converter are its best features for Mac users. Here are some of the many reasons why you should use this free online converter.


This converter has much to offer as a free online tool for 3GPP to 3GP conversion. You don't need installation or registration to use its services. Also, it is independent of the operating system you may have Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, etc.


Because it is an online tool, ConvertOnMac takes great pride in enabling every security measure necessary for user files' safe conversion. We make sure to do everything we can to protect our users from security risks.


Everyone has the right to convert 3GPP to 3GP file completely free of charge on the ConvertOnMac website. You can convert as many 3GPP files as you want without a waiting period or e-mail registration.


Widening our service array has brought us supporting the most used video formats on most platforms and digital video editing software. Besides 3GPP and 3GP, you'll find any video format you could need.

Convert in batch

If you don't have time to convert all those 3GPP video files, ConvertOnMac has another useful feature that will help you with this. Convert up to five 3GPP files to 3GP and save your time.

Maximum video size

Since video files tend to be larger than other file format categories, we increased the maximum file size to 100 MB. That enabled all our users to convert higher-quality videos for free. This feature is also completely free of charge for Mac users.


Video converter with this many formats and free options is what makes our tool the best there is. If you want to know what our users think before using ConvertOnMac, here are some of the user experiences with our services:

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson

What is important for me is that I can convert different video formats on my Mac fast and free. All I wanted and more, I got with this tool – ConvertOnMac. 5-star recommendation from me!

Hannah Armstrong

Hannah Armstrong

Finally, I found a free online tool that can convert videos in an acceptable period. I usually don't use online tools for this reason specifically. However, ConvertOnMac has proven to be efficient and fast. I can sincerely recommend it for a video format change.

Julia Rivera

Julia Rivera

I searched for a free online tool that can extract audio from my video files because I wanted to listen to a podcast and don't necessarily need to watch them. ConvertOnMac enabled me to convert all my MOV files to AAC format and in bulk.

Natalia Malone

Natalia Malone

Transferring files from my PC to Mac made me a few video format incompatibility issues. Luckily I heard of this tool that works on both Mac and Windows and converted my files to supported formats on both devices. I can't believe that this is an entirely free tool for Mac users!